One of my sisters went to the mosque one Ramadan night and returned wearing Niqab. I asked her what happened; she told me someone was actually giving away Niqab and other sorts of scarves in the mosque and she tried one on. Once on, she says, the sister told me now I can’t take it off anymore. Very candidly, she didn’t, and since then she never even considered taking it off. You hear some of the best stories on that subject, btw.

This Niqab thing is one of the most curious aspects of our religion; how can covering one’s face be attributed to modesty? Some sects in Islam believe it’s a mandate, while others claim that it isn’t even part of religion as they conceive it. Scholars differ in this, but they don’t in the fact that the Prophet’s wives and the companions’ wives as well wore it. I spot Niqabis, of whom are my sisters and most of the women in my family, and some situations not only strike me with a sense of wonder, but sometimes with sheer coolness. My sister eats Sushi with her Niqab on like a boss, and from a merely practical point of view, it makes me laugh, because you know with those eating sticks and all, it’s just funny in a sort.

My Mom back in the seventies were from the very first women to ever wear Niqab in her college, and she used to tell us about the sorts of oral harassment she used to experience from some people in the university at the time. Maybe the thing about Niqab is that it really does change one’s lifestyle? I probed my sisters more than once into the question of what was so special about it, how they feel, and all those things, and they’d respond with remarks that all revolve around confidence, protection, charisma, modesty, and being special. Maybe I wouldn’t notice it much because I’m very used to it, especially since I grew up amongst its wearers. They already started to bring up the subject with my youngest sister, who doesn’t wear it now.

Anyway, I came across this today, which brings me back to the ‘coolness’ aspect again:

Wearing the niqab comes with a really beautiful feeling, but truth be told sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find support and encouragement in your decision to wear the niqab.

We’ve probably all experienced ‘rainy niqab days’. You know the days when you feel like the whole world is against your decision to wear the niqab, and positivity seems to be far from sight… Yep we’ve all been there.

Insha’Allah through we hope to motivate & encourage each other to remain positive and keep growing in eeman each and every day.

The best part is, niqabie is run by sisters just like you!

This is very cool, and I really liked the website, especially that some of the sister writers live in the west, in non-Muslim countries in the first place, which means wearing Niqab was a tougher choice than around here.

Give them a click. The web really needs this sort of diversity.

Umm, one last thing, would you pray for my headaches to go away?



3 thoughts on “Niqab

  1. I hope we’re not forcing your hand… But the post was delightful.

    I think it takes incredible courage to wear the niqab – it isn’t easy at all. When you think how vain girls are, how important beauty is to them – how nice it is to look good, feel good, to stand out, to feel pretty… And wear niqab, you can’t help feel impressed.

    I am sadly from the school of thought that doesn’t believe it is sunnah or fard, despite hearing “evidence” of the existence of niqab at the time of the prophet, I’ve yet to find a hadith that would praise niqab or insinuate that you get more 7asanat than a normal scarf. Of course, my religion is very limited and still have plenty to learn.

    I thought niqabis in Saudi looked cool… Here they look scary, intimidating, odd, stand out like a sore thumb. But – it is not meant to be easy, difficulty isn’t an excuse to not stick to it if you believe in it … غرباء…

    I pray your head feels better soon. Stay yourself.

  2. I thought a lot about replying to the points mentioned in your comment and I’ve exhausted my time, I guess, without reaching a conclusion, so maybe I’ll just list those that kept me thinking.

    You said girls are vain. You quoted ‘evidence’, and then the big one: “stand out like a sore thumb”.

    My head is better alhamdulilah, thanks :)

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