republished: Shore

Written October 2012. I was so hopeful back then. So hopeful.


You know how sometimes what or what not to do is too gray? When you lose the line? When you lose sight of the shore?

At those moments, you usually need someone who knows you better than yourself. Someone who’d tell you things will be okay and you’d believe them just because of who they are and what they mean to you.

Sometimes, you actually meet that someone on the way, in the middle of that sea, far away from that shore.

And then it’s all .. okay.

Because then their sea becomes your shore.

Ya Rab ..

Ya Rab I know you love hearing me call, but I too love seeing you answer.


4 thoughts on “republished: Shore

  1. Radwa: balm of a verse .. :)

    Mermaid: I miss your comments .. thanks a lot :)

    Yasmeen: Oh wow, I’m touched, and I’m so glad, alhamdulilah :)

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