Fairy Tales

This is very true.

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In all the fairy tales we have seen and read about, we have witnessed the struggles the lovers went through to achieve the dream of being together. In every fairy tale, it is about how much she has suffered without him. It is about how much effort he has done to be with her. How many fights they went through to reach their ultimate goal of being together.

In all these fairy tales, we have never seen how life goes after they get over every obstacle they faced to be together. We have never seen how they would actually live together. We only saw how much they went through to be actually together. But what’s next? What has happened once they got actually together? How does real life look like? This is the hidden part. There is no fairy tale explaining how much they have to go through in order…

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. A reblog on IBhog’s blog! That’s a real honour from such a great writer like you… Keep writing more often… Please don’t take breaks now… Thank you again, you made me really happy with all the hard times I am passing through :)

  2. I am not a great writer :D I read your posts with a keen eye, and although the one I reblogged was followed by many, it stuck with me, and I kept thinking about it the past weekend and decided to let people know about your very perceptive point of view.

    ‘You’ keep writing :)

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