Why would God do that?

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I encountered this question two times, and both were after the following verse was narrated: “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.” [3:8]

The question was: why would God let our hearts deviate after guiding us to the right path? This doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Well, it perfectly, subtly does, actually. How many times was your sin the very reason you actually returned to God? Sometimes we get too used to good deeds we begin to like ourselves and think we’re better than others and that we’re doing everything God wants us to do. Pride gets inside our hearts and then they start to die. Humility is like food for our souls, once it becomes lacking, our souls begin to suffer.

And then a sin comes. Sometimes unpredictably, in a moment of weakness or in a flight of anger, in a second of vulnerability or even in an hour of happiness. Those extreme times the devil actually stands watching for a hunt, and the moment we let our guards down, he plunges in and raids on the structure of our mindfulness. We are born ready for those lows, and then we fall, sometimes too hard in fact we might even shatter. But then comes the very important point: we get up again, reformulate, and become even stronger, and ultimately, closer to Him!

Btw, read the verse again. Although it gives the impression that God will do that, it actually is not exactly about what I’m describing. These prayers were uttered by the Prophet’s companions, and it expressed how afraid they are of detouring away from the right path, and those prayers were actually answered, simply because the companions’ mindfulness was that sustainable. But how?

By being companions. A true companion will take a sin’s place in slapping you back to your senses once they feel that you’re taking a wrong turn, or making a wrong judgment, about your so called religious superiority, or about other things. If they’re not there, and since God is the best companion, you’ll encounter a sin that will help you really know who you are, how much you need Him, and eventually, how much you love Him.

Qaroon (the rich man in the time of Moses) is said to have been one of the most religious and pure souls, and with time he started to owe the blessings he drowned in to his knowledge of the almighty, and his acts of worship and goodness. His pride had become too bloated when the warnings came that he never yielded to them, and that was his perish.

Believe it or not, too much trust in yourself doing the right thing, might have that kind of negative impact. It can destroy you, and this is why Mercy is mentioned in the verse; a deviation from the right path, when engineered and executed by Him and only Him, will be the most subtle, effective solution to that kind of sickness. It will remove the tumor that’s your arrogance and pride, sometimes before you even notice they’re there.

At which point, you grasp at Him and only Him. He’s your doctor here, and you’ll have to trust Him. You will end up closer. Sometimes people choose mutiny and follow the down path and stay in the dark, just because they keep asking:

Why would He do that to me when I’d gotten so better? Why fall again?

That’s because you haven’t reached your end. You actually can, and will eventually be closer to Him.

And that’s why we are here, I guess. This life. This passage we’re going through, is our chance to get our closest to Him, so that when we actually meet Him, we wouldn’t regret that life.

Always remember. Nothing he does isn’t for your own good. Absolutely nothing.

Alhamdulilah that God is Allah,


8 thoughts on “Why would God do that?

  1. “Believe it or not, too much mindfulness, too much trust in yourself doing the right thing, might have that kind of negative impact.” I don’t understand how mindfulness would lead to falling. I appreciate the rest, though :)

  2. Welcome. . . I was trying to understand as it is an important topic. I really hope this explanation has the truth in it. May the fall not be a punishment.
    Actually basically You’re welcome :)

  3. A Muslim’s punishment is a step towards heaven, even if it’s in hellfire.

    You know, lately I can’t focus enough on those important topics. The post about Hijab, and so many other things hanging.

    Ed3ely keda..

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