Comments and ex-readers

My stats page tells me that I have a total number of 3771 comments on my blog. This is an average of 4 comments per blog post. Now, I know the number is huge, but some comments I will never ever forget.

The annoying thing about the book is that by publishing it I had actually confiscated the comments into privacy. Not that they’d be any less special to me, but I am thinking of publishing everything here again, so that when I tell you guys about my top favorite comments, you’d also know about the posts that inspired them.

Let me also take this chance to express how much I miss the ones who stopped reading, or commenting. You all, every single one of you, with every single word you’d gifted me with, shall never be forgotten.


5 thoughts on “Comments and ex-readers

  1. May I take the chance to try to explain how it went… You went through different stages and that was pretty clear through your writings… You closed the blog once (or twice), deleted it another time, changed the name (by adding the ‘s’), and took many pauses. Noha was there before, and now she does not speak anymore (Yeah I know she’s not a real one). You wrote very open minded topics, and sometimes very close minded posts. You wrote about very very very personal posts (perhaps only on the old blog), and other generic posts. It is true that your writings revealed your inner condition. Me as a very old follower, enjoyed reading and seeing you through your posts. I still remember that post about the stats of your blog, where Gjoez was the highest referrer, in fact, I knew your blog through hers, which sadly she made private. Anyway, just keep writing, do not bother about how many read or how many comments you have. You have a special talent in writing, a lot of people enjoy reading your posts. I wish to be the same one day. Just keep writing, I know that starving need to see what other think or believe (either to improve, to feel content or to understand other humans!), but just keep writing. Well.. I know this is not my own blog to write all that comment here.. But it was something I only wanted to share.. Keep it up and do not close the blog ever again! :D

  2. BeroOo: it’s such an inconsistent blog indeed. and yeah, Gjoe’s blog was on of my personal favorites. It makes me so glad that you’ve been reading so far, so encourages me to go on. Thanks a lot :)

    Noor: Except for a couple of guarded comments, I seem to have lost you right after that post about Syria a couple of years back. I hope you and your sister are well :)

  3. Hmm, I think it got a little out of hand, but an explanation here isn’t appropriate.
    I still read for you, waiting to feel the magic of your words again, knowing your capable of more but I think you’re letting things get into the flow of your writing.
    We are well, thank you.

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