The only review of my book

is written by the brilliant Windswept Reveries. At the time she posted it (you can read it here), my appreciation for the feedback had candidly divested me of properly taking my time with the following very interesting, and very true passage:

The final segment interestingly, is the attempt at spirituality. I hope the author here forgives my use of the word attempt. I use the word loosely, because of course; no one could ever be a judge of a person’s reflections. The effort of wanting to become closer to God is clearly identified in the writings, and religious overture obvious, however, to me – it was still a raw effort. It’s not often one comes across a writer with significant skill, but even that skill needs to be toned. I felt the writer try too hard, wanting to hone his skills and direct them to a certain direction, but not playing to his strengths. There is a quality to his words which makes a reader pause, with enough practice, I believe he could incorporate the strength of the emotions into spiritual words. Whilst distancing his writings from emotions and love, he neglects a vital brilliance in his writings, whereas with the combination of spirituality and love – of God – a dynamic effect could be produced. Think Rumi style.

I didn’t know that my attempt at spirituality was that visible to readers. I don’t know if this blog is structurally, and seemingly irreversibly romantic and emotional, but I do know that I have failed to summon the art I do in romance to the words I used in religion, indeed.

I get hurt when I try to think why that happened..

Why do you think it did?


2 thoughts on “The only review of my book

  1. I’m flattered beyond measure at featuring in your blog :)

    I certainly remember that period, the tweets of that time, the blog posts, the conversations I saw you hold. My review merely gave me a chance to reflect openly on my thoughts of that period.

    Perhaps you thought Islam and love do not mix. Perhaps you felt you needed to reject the posts of old that reached out to too many hearts, that you needed to distance yourself from your old style.

    Your blog, and your character, they’re not irreversibly emotional. But your strength lies there and it’s your biggest asset.

    I’m waiting for the hijab post for a reason – make us fall in love with modesty again.

    It’s taken a while – but I’m glad you understood my words.

  2. “Perhaps you felt you needed to reject the posts of old that reached out to too many hearts, that you needed to distance yourself from your old style.”

    I think this is it. I didn’t want to busy the hearts of others with what I wrote, even though that is what I do best. And I think that this was a religious verdict I issued and decided to follow, and it actually worked: followers are now less in numbers and generally not so involved in my writings. I might not be as happy about it as I ought to be, but that’s what happened during the last couple of years.

    You read me very well. I am glad you understood me that way, others have simply stopped reading for me altogether!

    God bless you.

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