Making someone happy these days is like the best thing you could ever do to them. People’s hearts need to smile more. People’s sighs need breeze.

Don’t be sad. Whoever you are and wherever you might be, I pray for your peace of mind and soul. If you are hurt, I pray you heal. If you are broken, I hope something will land on your heart and put you back together.

I pat your shoulders, and silently tell you that regardless of all the crap the world is whirling inside these days, it will actually be better for you, in-sha’Allah.

I am feeling good tonight, for the first time in quite the while actually, alhamdulilah. I thought of recording it, and of wishing you all the same.

Remember giggling babies, and the wrinkled smiles of old couples walking slowly by sunrise, and know that there’s peace in the sky.

For you.



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