A quick point about faith

Faith is an ‘experience’; a very personal one. I admit it’s a very interesting subject for discussion, and a true mental exercise. However, no results are yielded as long as the people involved haven’t experienced the essence of faith (same goes for someone to believe in the existence of God btw).

I know the following analogy might be outdated, but consider love with its various different kinds. You can always hear about love and read about intimacy, but as long as you haven’t experienced it in a relationship, there always will be that dimension to your knowledge about it that is missing.

And faith is a relationship with God. If you haven’t had it, then you don’t really know what faith is, or how it works. Also, in order for this relationship to be fruitful, and just like any other relationship, the following must hold:

  • You have to truthfully give yourself to it. No love will come out of a why-not kind of relationship.
  • You have to be patient and committed.
  • You have to know how to nurture it by communication. With God, there are two ways: prayers and reading/understanding His Holy Book. Both must be used in order to communicate with Him.

If we have the best arguments and discussions about faith, while neither of us has experienced the above three things, then it’s futile. Do know that everyone who managed to reach God that way, never really left Him after it.

May He guide all those who really want to reach Him.

Hope you had the best Eid,


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