يا عالم السر منا

بلسم للقلب .. و ما أحوجنا ..


5 thoughts on “يا عالم السر منا

  1. Not a rubbish question. Thanks for asking. It’s just that today being alive somehow feels like a sin.
    I hope you are well. Keep us in your prayers..

  2. The purest of egyptians were lost to Egypt today. Being alive isn’t a sin today, but it sure is a burden.

    You know, we watched it happen, from the barbed wires, to the siege, to the tear gas, shot by shot, the tents being set on fire, the men being arrested, the children crying, for over six hours we watched you. We watched a massacre and we couldn’t do anything about it. Not one single thing.

    Wow. What world do we live in? 3000 die in front of us in a single day and nothing. No consequences.

    I hate them. Not just the killers, but those that celebrated our deaths today. Those that watched in silence today. I hate them all.

    7ara2oli albi allah ye7re2on. Other than a shattered heart and eyes that burn from tears, we’re well. You are not just in our prayers, you are in our lives. Don’t think for a second that we left you alone those 48 days.

    I’m glad you’re alive selfish as that may sound. I’ve already lost 3000 brothers today.

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