The collapse of legitmacy

I haven’t heard about Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl before and sometimes I regret my entire life for not letting me know about such writers. Anyway, remember the question I asked in the post ‘Tafakkur‘ about the polarization in our society? This man wrote an article that was pretty much to my liking regarding this sensitive subject.

“The secular intelligentsia in Egypt and in the Arab world in general has locked the region into a near perpetual circle of self-defeatism because they appear incapable of understanding that nothing kills lofty ideas quite like the pragmatic hypocrisy of their bearers.”

“Since the age of colonialism, legitimacy has become an elastic word that is exploited to invent and repress history; to construct and de-construct identity; and to uphold and deny rights.”

“Typically, the Westernized intelligentsia was thoroughly grounded in post-renaissance European thought, but knew precious little about the pre-colonial Islamic epistemic tradition. Indeed, this intelligentsia saw their own native tradition largely through Western eyes.”

Read this thorough and professional analysis on ABC here:

[P.S. Dad was robbed today on his way back from work. No one attacked him, but his laptop is gone in a way so dexterous he noticed it 30 minutes later. I’m not sure how that’s related to the collapse of legitimacy, but if anything, police is now busy killing pro-legitimacy protesters, and the ‘intelligentsia’  is busy kicking out Syrians]


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