On abandoning Hijab.. 3


Excuse my tardiness, but concerning your ‘Point 1’, kindly proceed with your ideas and mind games until I get to find and read the book. I have to admit that I’m doing it more out of courtesy to your well articulated reply that you judged I merited, and less out of actual interest in the book. I have read many texts. I think when you were writing your reply, you momentarily forgot that I am, by many, considered a sister already.

I have done my share of preaching and reading. I read many interpretations and texts, and I read in psychology as well. William James is interesting indeed, and I was kind of surprised at how the name of a writer who has led me one way was mentioned in the references of another whom I reached to point me the other!

I have not taken off my Hijab yet. I think a certain momentum I started already spotting on my horizon isn’t manifesting itself in hair shows yet. But I think it’s a path that started a long time ago and that has a painfully definite end. An acquaintance I know had taken off her Hijab a few weeks ago, amongst many, last year. Another ‘sister’ whom I used to look up to had abandoned the fold of religion in its entirety, it was royally shocking.

Something you said my attention picked more earnestly than the rest, though. You said: “Islam’s idea of freedom envelops in it a full release from ties to any practice whatsoever except if a mindful attachment to the sake of God exists. Even if that practice is religious, if it’s shackled to human habit, it loses flare and dies out in its bearer’s heart.”

Does that mean that Islam will free you of its own practices, if they were just habitual? Or maybe rejuvenate their meanings somehow? This is honestly very interesting. Do elaborate more on that point as well.

I will tell you when I have read the book.



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