History. Does it really repeat itself? #Egypt

It is advisable nowadays to read about the 2002 Venezuelan coup d’etat attempt, and watch the now widespread video: Anatomy of a Coup.

Even though the circumstances can well be claimed to be different, the similarities of some ‘statements’ and some events are quite striking. The most notable is the now infamous: “This is not a coup!”. The misleading accounts on gunshot and killings, along with the surrounding speculations were similar as well.

I am not one who strongly believes in historical inevitability, but you’d be surprised to know that people in many parts of the world have very similar motives to what they do, hence the saying: history repeats itself.

I recommend skimming the wikipedia article, with emphasis on the ‘Coup’ part of it. Here’s an interesting quote:

_”Businessman Pedro Carmona, president of Fedecámaras, was installed as interim President after Chávez’s detention. Carmona issued a decree, which came to be known as the Carmona Decree, dissolving the National Assembly and Supreme Court, and voiding the 1999 Constitution.[70] The decree declared that new elections for a “National Legislative Power” would take place no later than December 2002, and that this would draft a general reform of the 1999 constitution; new “general national elections” would take place within a year of the decree’s declaration.[71] The decree also suspended the Attorney General, Controller General, state governors and all mayors elected during Chávez’s administration.[72][73] As one academic later put it, “all institutions were abolished leaving the country effectively without the rule of law.”_


P.S. The declared ‘issues’ in the wiki entry’s head do not include missing citations, and if your sensitivity to integrity decides to irk you, complement your knowledge with the documentary and then decide for yourself.


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