The quicker events transpire, the slower you ought to judge. However, as I watch people and happenings, there’s this one fact that a foreign correspondent mentioned which is how Egyptians tend to see completely different versions of reality. This is outrageously evident, and it is a such a challenge, on that kind of scale, for my understanding of history, psychology and sociology.

Many people who are far better judges and thinkers than I am (like Fadel Soliman – he’s made a quick analysis that I urge you all to ponder upon, in spite of the fact that I think it’s a bit early) who started making speculations regarding ‘what went wrong’, but this different reality thing is very straining to my senses, and I am waiting for a serious study that would dare to tackle this confounding phenomenon.

Right now as I am writing this, people in some parts of Egypt are being killed. And that reality monster thing exposes itself so revoltingly when eye witnesses or allegedly very trusted statements give, not only conflicting, but downright opposite accounts of what’s happening! There were countless other occurrences on TV and social media over the previous days.

This is the definition of hopelessness. This is a twisted kind of bipolar infliction that is extending throughout an entire country. It is unbelievable. I remember our Prophet’s description: like dark pieces of the night. In the dark, you actually could get confused and call one object by two completely different names.

He knew, peace be upon him.

Other than what I just wrote, I’m withdrawing any judgments (this was never a politics blog anyway). I think as the next few weeks unfold, major thought changers may well take place.

May Allah protect everyone.


8 thoughts on “Tafakkur

  1. كان عمر رضي الله عنه بابا من الأبواب التي يدفع الله بها الفتن عن هذه الأمة , وقد كان معرروفا عند الصحابة أن عمر كان سدا لولوج الفتن على هذه الأمة وإليكم بعض الأحاديث والآثار التي وقفت عليها في ذلك :
    عن شقيق قال : سمعت حذيفة يقول : بينا نحن جلوس عند عمر إذ قال : أيكم يحفظ قول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في الفتنة ؟ قال : فتنة الرجل في أهله وماله وولده وجاره تكفرها الصلاة والصدقة والأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر . قال: ليس عن هذا أسألك , ولكن التي تموج كموج البحر. قال: ليس عليك منها بأس يا أمير المؤمنين إن بينك وبينها بابا مغلقا قال عمر: أيكسر الباب أم يفتح ؟ قال : لا بل يكسر قال عمر: إذا لا يغلق أبدا قلت:أجل . قلنا لحذيفة : أكان عمر يعلم الباب ؟ قال: نعم كما يعلم أن دون غد ليلة , وذلك أني حدثته حديثا ليس بالأغاليط . فهبنا أن نسأله من الباب ؟ فأمرنا مسروقا فسأله فقال من الباب ؟ قال عمر .
    البخاري (7096) ومسلم(144) وأحمد (5|401) وابن أبي شيبة (7|449) والطيالسي (1|55) والترمذي (2258) وابن ماجه (3955) والنسائي في الكبرى (1|144)وابن حبان (13|304) والأوسط للطبراني(2|215) .

  2. Every time I try to pick up my pen and blog, my heart aches for Egypt. Every time I try to pen some words for Egypt, my heart bleeds.

    I won’t deny I’m in a state of shock. I’m personally against a military coup – and strongly. Here in the West I somehow need to cope with all the mockery of how misunderstood the concept of democracy is to Egyptians.

    I’m also surprised at finding every Egyptian I’ve met online is anti-Morsi and happy with a military coup taking place. You look like you’re playing it safe and waiting to see how everything plays out. Honestly? I’d love to know if you aided tamarod :D

    They say there are always three sides to every story, your version, my version, and what really happened.

    I’m heartbroken. I’m so scared about the days to come. Ya rab estor.

  3. Radwa: sea waves, a perfect simile as well, subhan-Allah

    Noor: I try to be objective on the blog because the last time I wasn’t misunderstandings happened. However, you can be at peace, I don’t endorse Tamarod and they don’t represent me in the least :)

  4. Praise the Lord for that. I’d have finished the comment on the group but you seem to have deactivated.

    I think being responsible for your words is important, however to me a blog is you expressing yourself, and if you feel strongly about something, to condemn or endorse.

    Maybe I’m just angry. So much blood being let on the streets of Egypt and everyone seems to shrug it off and say 3adi, it was inevitable. Why is no one fuming? Ya 7aif.

    As a reader, I have the right to point out when something causes me offence, but never forget that you also have the right to maintain your stance (freedom of expression) – as well as the ability to take your readers offence into account.

    I wish someone was not silent. A bloggers consortium is to discuss latest events transpiring – why are we all so silent on this?

    May God forgive us.

  5. Silence isn’t as bad as you think it is. And it doesn’t indicate endorsement of what’s happening. Over the past three years, I learned to withhold judgment because in most of the cases it was wrong when uttered prematurely. Also, there’s so much we really don’t know. When the information you receive is scattered over biased kinds of media, and when the people in the same demonstration (for example) are indeed very different than each other, then having an objective conclusion really is a very tall order. In fact, one begins to think that there is actually no objective stance on this, and if this is the case, then silence might really be to the betterment of the affair.

    As for the online expression of opinion, one has to be careful. I remember my previous post about ‘Syria’ and what it caused, and it wasn’t even a political post! Also, from a very personal point of view, politics deeply disturbs me, and I don’t know why we need politics when right and wrong are supposed to be clear. And if they are not clear, then why don’t we work on that, instead of inventing politics to ‘evade’ it, simply. I left twitter and facebook exactly for that..

    So, my keeping it to myself is more to the protection of my sanity and my sense of right and wrong, than to a dwindling interest in the matter, or an appearance of not being fumed :D

    P.S. since the above paragraphs are indeed a sort of ‘judgment’ then I admit it might be premature as it was written, and shall probably change or refine itself later :)

  6. It’s really baffling how strong and fierce this fitna is this time, and the fact that everyone is so sure of what they see is so ridiculous.

    I’ve been really heartbroken although I’ve been trying to avoid any news of that sort and of course people but it’s almost impossible when you live midst all the mess and hear the gunshots in the middle of the night and make eye contact with the thugs. It’s horrible by all means.

    ربنا يرحمنا و ينجينا من شر الفتن ظاهرها و باطنها

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