Change of Heart

The scary thing about having a change of heart is that it’s not really yours. Just as you can’t direct your heart when you will to, you don’t get to attribute a change in it to your volition.

When a flutter in your chest gets to show itself in the design of your sigh, despite how faint it is, then you begin to heed that mystic will of your subconscious, or rather, the subtle ways of your Creator.

It feels good in such an oddly unsettling way, and no matter how your try to govern its depth with your rational force, it scurries away in the dark. This thing is only felt, never analyzed. Only realized, never decided.

When you have a change of heart, follow it to the end. See where it leads you, your happiness might actually be there..



2 thoughts on “Change of Heart

  1. May all our changes of heart be to the better ya rab.

    Don’t kick me off your blog just yet :D I’m waiting for a masterpiece here, and you seem to be warming up.

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