[HBBC] – 5 habits bloggers need to stop

Interesting topic chosen by Windswept Reveries.

I always try to be brief and fail, so the witty choice of a topic with a number in its head might save my breaths this time. Also, I’m in no position to preach other bloggers, I have enough on my plate, and the 5 habits to which you’re about to be introduced, are mostly ones of mine to stop:

  • Don’t try to write for the sake of writing. Yes, I just said that. Write when you feel like writing, period. If a month goes by and you have nothing to write about, don’t write. You’ll break that which you want to express with the voids you just fill with big words. Readers notice this.
  • Don’t ignore people’s comments or questions about your writings. It’s rude and insensitive. They cared enough to read for you. Care enough to answer them back. Always clear misunderstandings.
  • Don’t fret much when a post you thought was amazing goes too unnoticed for your taste. People shall remember your words for lifetimes if they managed to touch them. A comment doesn’t express that justly. Embrace having silent readers. It’s more genuine. It’s also healthier for you on the long run. Also, having less readers makes you more special to each and everyone of of them.
  • Do not, and this I must repeat, do not, expose your secrets. This proved to be painfully unwholesome. Don’t be too unguarded, or you’ll lose who you are on the way.
  • Always remember that you’re responsible for what you write. I know many of us are pro freedom and whatever, but be fair. Don’t hurt others’ feelings or belittle what they hold dear just because you were given freedom. Freedom is an honor, not a toy.

Oh, less than 300 words. Cool.


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