[HBBC] – Our generation

Another HBBC post this week about a topic chosen by Deppy: Our generation.

On a quest after succinctness, let me just say that I think our generation is the luckiest and most privileged generation of humanity.

Man since olden times has undergone many stages of spiritual and material development. Cultural and scientific progression as well, has begun in the dawn of humanity, and it’s fair to say that nowadays can be considered the crown of our time, and all other times before. Religiously speaking, God has also followed a very meticulous order in sending down messages for the human race, to help them build this earth and uphold their moral and spiritual values, until the final message was received fourteen centuries ago, which in itself has since undergone certain evolutions in the way it spread and in the way it’s understood.

However, with great privilege comes heavier responsibilities. Although in our time a gigantic record of science and religion can be sifted through for the truth, it is sometimes lost to humans. And it is up to very few ones to shoulder the burden of holding the light and to guide people to it. I have this profound belief in the fact that those are Muslim people, who will go through their own rectifying struggles of faith, before sharing the accounts of their redemption and the significance of that which they reached with their fellow humans.

People mistake suffering for loss. I admit our generation is suffering, but that won’t end except when we have both purpose and perspective, so that we can direct that suffering towards an end. I for one am constantly faced with the temptation of caving in and despairing, but I think the whole of my existence is a trial against the collective loss of humans, which I have to pass, in order to deserve a happy ever after.

In Judgment day, our generation will stand witness to former generations, and will be held responsible for the misguidance taking place right now. We have everything at our disposal; the hugest knowledge base of all time. And we will be asked severely about it.

I sometimes think that a great author like Sayyed Qutb, for example, has ended his life in prison, after conveying a great message to following generations. He has done his part, and left the rest to us. We have everything we need.

It’s okay to suffer. I do.

But I think we need to move towards something.

I sometimes undergo the most ruthless kinds of pain, but at the same time, I know that if it weren’t for it, I might not deserve anything later.

I’m glad I’m part of this generation, and I expect that there will be even more suffering and challenges to come, and I’m now trying to be ready.

And so should all of us..


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