The little things..

This post is in the love of that moment when I took my baby niece in my right arm, with her tiny thumb in her mouth, looking at me, sleepy as she could get. Her eyes half closed, she still gets distracted by noises in the room from the sisters. We were occupying the living room for the night.

So whenever the little princess’s Mom utters something, she turns her head and leaves me watching her as she strains her tiny body and stretches for an angle, so that she could catch the sight of her mother, sitting on an arm chair in the far right of me. Her sleep gradually slinks away from her, and playfulness then becomes its place.

She then raises her right tiny foot and holds it in her soft right palm. Her other hand now plays with my neck or anything in my face. I look at her and laugh, and just as if she knows it’s coming, I take that tiny foot of hers, and run her sole by the stubble of my trimmed beard. It tickles her infinitely, and she giggles in my chest.

She then looks at me again very earnestly, too eager for the other round, which I satisfy with a wide grin and another gentle bite on that delicate foot, with me making a playful roar, only for her to chuckle even louder.

I don’t know what is heavenlier, that baby’s happiness, or the smile rising on her Mom’s face as she waters our souls with those laughs.

As long as the sun rises, and as long as babies giggle, we are okay I guess.


3 thoughts on “The little things..

  1. The infinite magic contained in these little creatures, which they lose with age.

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