Back, and the book

Hello dear readers,

April really is my favorite time of the year. My muse is always hyperactive around that time. I don’t know whether it’s because I love the warmth and the Spring, or because of some memories along the years, but well, here I am again.

I don’t know which is the longer story; why I’m back, or why I was ever away in the first place, but do be sure that I miss writing so much. Also, I really really miss you all as well.

Now a quick piece of news for you..

I’ve been trying to publish a book for months now and it never amounted to any success. I’m sad to say that the publishing business in this country is a complete fiasco, and that I really was disappointed. Also, to be completely honest, I’ve been constantly having second thoughts about actually publishing the book (which btw is an edited selection of this blog’s archive, with few additional texts). So anyways, to cut to the chase, the book is now an electronic version that I’d be happy to send to whomever wishes to read it, especially that the online archive is now all privatized; a twofold decision about starting fresh and giving the book a chance to actually be read.

I have two small requests however: there would be no download link, I’d rather receive an email from the ones of you guys who wish to read it, and I’ll just send it back with a heartfelt thanks. Another thing: I’d really appreciate it if you don’t distribute it without my knowledge.

The feedback I received so far about the book is very encouraging; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send any remarks my way, positive or negative. All welcomed very much.

With a new much shorter about page, and a to-be-posted page specifically for the book, I hope the yet another attempt at writing ends somewhere new this time.

Thanks and have an awesome weekend,

P.S. Special thanks to Souzan Mansour for being an awesome editor, and for Nema Al Araby for the very precious advice about publishing during the previous period.


2 thoughts on “Back, and the book

  1. Hey, welcome back :) I’m so freakin’ glad you’re here again. You really didn’t have to mention my name at all, you know how pleased I was just by being there =)

    Please email me the book soon as you can, I’d love to read it :)

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